How do you define luxury clothing? And here's why you need some.

I have a different definition of luxury clothing than stylists.

Mind you, I'm a coach who teaches you how to dress, I don't style you from top to toe, so that might be why.

Here are some of my luxury items.

Fluorescent pink and purple Life Jacket (Costco $44.95) which enables me the luxury of floating in the lake, early in the morning before other people turn up. I bob up and down like a brightly colored buoy. Big fun! It also allows me to stare at the mountain across from me and remember how damn lucky I am to be alive, a luxury indeed, especially with what is going on in the world.

Luxury item number two: a bathing suit ($9.99 from Jubilee Thrift) which gives other people the luxury of not seeing me skinny dipping. I adore skinny dipping, but I don't like frightening other humans or the ducks.

Luxury item number three, pure organic silk brightly colored kaftan by Megan Renee from Making the Cut Season One $205 plus tax) that I have worn 167 times since I bought it (OK I'm exaggerating slightly, but at even 20 times it's a cost per wear of $10 and I'll be wearing it for years to come), which feels incredibly luxurious on my skin and always gets compliments from others. Oh, and it's multipurpose because I wear it as a cover-up at the beach or lake or pool. It also doubles as a summer dress, where I float around pretending I'm a 70s hostess, about to serve hors d'oeuvre, from Tupperware.

Luxury item number five, earrings from Tiffany ($200 plus tax) that make me feel like Audrey Hepburn. Oh, and the luxury of saved time because as silver, they go with everything.

What is your luxury clothing?

Which clothing gives you the luxury of living the life that you want?

Which makes you feel amazing when you wear it?

Which gets you closer to the "luxury" life you want?

Ps. A note on luxury - factor in longevity & sustainability. An item you wear for ten years and adore is better than 10 cheap items you feel so-so about. I add variety through thrifting, clothing swaps, and new purchases, but I know how to discern what fits and flatters and what will be a useful or joyous addition to my closet - yes I can teach you that, too - reach out.

Regarding thrifting - if you do buy or ease your conscience by donating, it's still an item that will one day end up in a landfill. So, if you're not sure you will wear it, don't get it, n matter how cheap, as it will have to end up somewhere. See if you can donate to a small business that upcycles, like my podcast guest Rebecca Brumfield's Wandyer Apparel, if you want to support an entrepreneur.

Here's another luxury idea - support local artisans & designers who you feel drawn to. Become a patron of the arts. Fund creativity, passion, equality, diversity, and inclusivity.

And another question: Do you have the luxury of wearing clothing that you adore to a job that you love? If not, maybe it's time to change careers.

I also buy traditional luxury clothing. I am passionate about wearable art, and there are reasons for the prices (and yes, you can go secondhand). I invest carefully and I hold onto them - I have a sequined camouflage top from Michael Kors I bought new over six years ago and still love. Plus, it's well made - always look for quality.

So, think about what you consider luxury clothing and make sure you have it in your own luxurious life.

I have a new offer - it's to get you clarity and the closet you need to get you closer to your vision. The link is here: Clarity & Closet Consult

It's a two-hour focused session on you and whatever you need right now to propel you forward. I'd love to work with you. I've manifested an amazing life and wardrobe, I want that for you as well.

Aroha, Erin


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