Blaze Your Own Trail in 2022 with an amazing free community....and remember why you're awesome.


I just found a really cool way for you to realize how amazing you are & meet new female friends, and it's so much fun!

My other half got an Oculus for Christmas, but I've been playing with another software instead as it leads to meeting other awesome women,

Imagine LinkedIn meets Choose Your Own Adventure meets Girl Scout badges.... and with that, those really great talks when you meet a new friend and within minutes you're sharing the real stuff in your life, not just the edited version that makes it to social media, or your resume. 

It's called OwnTrail.

I interviewed one of the founders, Rebekah Bastian on my podcast. Here's the link to hear it.

Rebekah (like all women) is bloody impressive. She's an entrepreneur, writer, artist, tech executive, mentor, wife, mother and aerial acrobat. After 15 years at Zillow, with roles including vice president of product and vice president of community and culture, she, among other things, wrote the book sitting beside me on my desk, Blaze Your Own Trail, where you can follow different paths to explore possible outcomes of your career & life choices, and created OwnTrail. Oh, and when she's not doing that she's also started on the path of angel investor. 

She also wants women to have other women in their life who will help you reach your goals, overcome obstacles and have your back. Since I think women are the answer to everything, I couldn't agree more. 

I've also met her co-founder Kt McBratney, (Rebekah introduced us, she's a natural connector) and of course, she's just as fantastic. 

So what is OwnTrail and how does it work?

It's free to join. And then the fun starts. You get to create your unique trail using a variety of icons. Trails are super east to build and there are a ton of options. And unlike LinkedIn, where you really only get to write about your work experiences, on OwnTrail you get to add any milestone that mattered to you - from a miscarriage to a new baby to starting a company, to burnout to getting funding for your start up to your desire to sing rewritten versions of sexist songs and learn to rap. That last bit was me. If you look at my trail, you'll see where I've been, where I want to go, how I can help you and what help I need. 

I have a resume, as I'm actively looking for a marketing role, but it was OwnTrail which reminded me of experiences I hadn't included - like getting fired from a reality TV show, being an instore DJ in HMV in Tokyo and getting sober 23 years ago - things I don't tend to add, but should. Why not? It's who I am. 

Check it out - here's my invite to join. I think I only need one more to get a free tee shirt, just saying. Clothe me! I look forward to seeing you there. And go meet Rebekah and Kt in OwnTrail, a safe space where you'll find out more than you will in Big Social. 

Aroha, Erin

PS. I've interviewed 160 incredible women over the last 12 months, and I'll be spending the next year introducing you to them. 


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