A life of discovery

Life hacks for a part time human


Some days I can conquer the world. Other days sending an email seems in the too hard basket.

I mentioned this to a group of women friends and guess what? Their energy is fluid too - but life still needed us to show up. We could hold a summit on why women are held to different standards, but for now, here's some of my hacks for when I can only be a part time human. They all come under delete, delegate and defer. 

Some of these require buying your time back, which isn't possible for everyone. Ho…

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I'm a minor celebrity in Russia


I was just told I’m a minor celebrity in a community in Moscow.

Bet you didn’t know that!

So, here’s what happened.

I belong to a peer-facilitated recovery program (you’re welcome to message me confidentially and ask me more).

There are many to choose from, but one I have been closely involved with for the last few years has to do with the repercussions of not having a healthy relationship with money. It completely changed my life and led to me living in Seattle, but that’s another story.


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I got weird birthday marketing - do you? Six tips for getting better advice.


My birthday was last week. I had an absolutely wonderful day filled with love and yellow flowers to combat Seattle grey and me being stuck in bed after having feet (yes, both of them) surgery.

I also got a lot of weird marketing pitches. Does that happen to you? 

OK, I can deal with my orthodontist and optician sending me birthday texts. They obviously have a system and think this counts as customer engagement (i.e. maintaining our...not sure what to call it. Mutual dependency?) And if you're …

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Stripper Pants and Strategies

fashion-blogs-slaves-to-fashion-2012-06-18-0618magic-mike-matthew-mcconaughey_fa (1)

Right now I'm wearing stripper pants. 

Well, that's what I call them. They're Nike, and have domes up both sides so I can take them on and off easily without having to pull them over my feet. 


I had feet surgery - yes, both feet. I won't bore you, but thanks to my friend Micha Goebig, a great coach, I now know about stripper pants. She had a broken leg a while back and passed on the fashion hack. Given that I'll be in a moonboot for at least ten weeks, I'm about to order another pair. 

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What a Russian Bikini Waxer Taught Me About Advocating For Yourself


There's not much bathing suit season left, but I swim all year round at a local pool, so I have a plethora of swimsuits. Plethora - great word, right?
However, that means attention to...body hair.


It's a huge subject, but for the sake of your valuable time, I'll skip the discussion about the @%#@!! decades of pressure to defoliate.

Although some of my suits have boy trunk bottoms or skirts or frills etc., I do have a few suits where a bikini wax or a close encounter with a razor is goin…

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How do you define luxury clothing? And here's why you need some.


I have a different definition of luxury clothing than stylists.

Mind you, I'm a coach who teaches you how to dress, I don't style you from top to toe, so that might be why.

Here are some of my luxury items.

Fluorescent pink and purple Life Jacket (Costco $44.95) which enables me the luxury of floating in the lake, early in the morning before other people turn up. I bob up and down like a brightly colored buoy. Big fun! It also allows me to stare at the mountain across from me and remember how…

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Are You Feeding the Ducks in Your Wardrobe?


I’m at the lake again. Sheer & utter bliss. My dog and I both need water to play in, sunshine, and strangers to admire us (I’m wearing the most amazing caftan by Prima Dona Studios). 

At Idylwood Park, there’s a sign that says:

“Don’t feed the ducks because it causes overcrowding for nutrition and pollution.”

Are you feeding the ducks in your wardrobe? 

Here’s what I mean by that: Are you overcrowding certain categories? 

Do a quick life circle, segmented into the activities, and then do a …

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Why I need to dress better at the dog park.

joule at park in grass

So you know how they say “physician, heal thyself?”

I was walking Joule (Frenchie) at the dog park, looked down at what I was wearing and thought, if a client sees me right now, I'm running in the other direction. 


I had forgotten my mantra. Dress for Your Vision, no matter the circumstances? What the heck had I been thinking? 

After all, it was a client of mine who told me:

"My husband just asked where I was going, because I looked like a badass."

"What did you tell him?"


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I'm a weather which - which "which" are you?


I'm a weather which.

This means I have finally worked out after half a century that I am affected by the weather. Duh. 

Most people are - in my case, too many grey days make me a little weepy, emotional, depressed and as gloomy as the sky outside (I live in Seattle).

However, if the sun breaks through, it hits me like a shot of tequila.

And I've worked out that sunshine + ocean = a huge burst of creativity.

I also think four seasons is three too many.

Knowing which “which” you are is really, really im…

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It's August - do you know where your life is going?

Find Your Vision .pdf

I love epiphanies. They usually come to me when I'm a) near a body of water b) it's sunny and c) I've just had coffee. Coincidence? I think not. 

To paraphrase Einstein: "Coincidence is the Universe's way of remaining anonymous."

So...it came to me that while I love closets, I love clarity even more.

It's something I've strived for my entire life.

Clarity in who I am, what I want, how to spend my time, money, energy, with whom and where...on this one-and-possibly-done go at being me. 


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