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Say "No thank you," to that outfit!


There are times when you should say “no thank you,” to an outfit. This also applies to people, activities and invitations.

I talked about “not right now” in my last email, as in when we say “not right now,” to something it can be a way of avoiding saying no…or that we are making excuses to move forward. What are you saying “not right now,” to when it comes to your personal style?

Is there an item of clothing (or person, activity or invitation) you are saying “not right now,” to that should be …

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"Not right now," is fine by me


Kia Ora (hello)!

I met an awesome woman at a social event a few months back and she asked me what it was that I did. I explained that I help women create a three or four word Style Statement that defines their unique style, so they can dress with confidence and clarity. She was excited and interested.

I liked her a lot and we had a whale of a time dancing (where did that expression come from???). This woman is smart, funny, quirky, a bit alternative, cares deeply about her family and holds her…

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I have a tattoo that says "perfect."


I have a tattoo that says "perfect."

I got it in NZ the last time I was home, which was January this year. I prefer experiences over souvenirs and this combined both.

I’d been to a hypnotherapist just before I took the trip.

I’ve been twice now and it has had a surprisingly powerful effect. Yugo is gorgeous and French. You stay awake the whole session, but who doesn’t like listening to a French accent coming from a sexy human?

Back to me, as I was leaving, the word “perfect” popped into…

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