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How much clothing is enough?


Kia Ora (it’s how we say hello in New Zealand)

I was asked a question the other day.

A wonderful woman I was working with was discussing her activity wheel with me (it’s an exercise I do that assesses if you have enough clothing for what your current lifestyle).

Lisa looked over at me and asked. “How much clothing is enough?”

It was a great question. I’d never put it into words before. Each woman is different and what is enough for you, might be too much for someone else – or too little.


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"Not right now," is fine by me


Kia Ora (hello)!

I met an awesome woman at a social event a few months back and she asked me what it was that I did. I explained that I help women create a three or four word Style Statement that defines their unique style, so they can dress with confidence and clarity. She was excited and interested.

I liked her a lot and we had a whale of a time dancing (where did that expression come from???). This woman is smart, funny, quirky, a bit alternative, cares deeply about her family and holds her…

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I have a tattoo that says "perfect."


I have a tattoo that says "perfect."

I got it in NZ the last time I was home, which was January this year. I prefer experiences over souvenirs and this combined both.

I’d been to a hypnotherapist just before I took the trip.

I’ve been twice now and it has had a surprisingly powerful effect. Yugo is gorgeous and French. You stay awake the whole session, but who doesn’t like listening to a French accent coming from a sexy human?

Back to me, as I was leaving, the word “perfect” popped into…

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